Anchorage has so much to offer and why not come and stay at this cozy remodeled log cabin in mid-town?

The house is in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood surrounded by two parks, yet it’s just a ten minute drive from the airport and close to the buzzing mid-town area filled with shops and restaurants.

The Kitchen – also with dining table and view to the yard.

Shared living area with authentic Alaska Native art, fireplace and flat screen television.


The self-serve breakfast includes continental breakfast such as cereal, fruit, assortment of bagels, croissants, and breads. Yogurt, local fruits and berries when in season. Fresh fruit served year round. Access and use of full kitchen is available for guests to prepare their own lunch/dinner meals.


Free wireless internet available for all guests.

Bike and ski trails

Free bicycles and helmets to borrow. Anchorage has more than 200 parks and over 300 hundred of miles of trails. In the winter, cross-country skiing is available right out the door.


There’s an outdoor paved parking area on the property for all your needs: Snowmobiles, motorcycles, RVs and boats: whatever you‘re driving or pulling, there’s room to park it. Guests may wish to rent month-long parking for a nominal fee.

Freezer space & BBQ

Hunters, fishers, and Alaskan bush shoppers – We have a large deep freezer to accommodate any wild game, fish or anything else which needs freezing. Freezer space is always available to hold your halibut, salmon, and wild game. BBQs (charcoal and gas) available year round.

Why Hunters Love Bach’s B&B

“Caribou hunters from Idaho and Washington D.C. found it challenging to find accommodations that provided any freezer space. They found it and loved it here at Bach’s B&B”

– Glenda Bach, owner of Bach's B&B

Why Rural Alaskans will love Bach’s B&B

Many Alaskans who travel through Anchorage often shop for frozen foods at Costco, often buying meet, game, vegetables at various Anchorage stores. They can shop, place foods into the freezer and pack frozen goods in our large garage just before returning to rural Alaska.

“We caught 60 lbs of fresh halibut on the Kenai Peninsula and had a place to store it so we could tour Denali and make our drive to Fairbanks. When we returned from our Alaska road trip, we collected our precious halibut from Glenda’s freezer just before checking in at the airport on our way back home.”

–  Bach’s B&B guests from Florida

Laundry & Water

You’re sure to enjoy the tap water at the B&B. It’s well water. Tasty, totally pure and good for you. Free use of laundry washer/dryer anytime.

History of the B&B

This unique two-story log home was constructed in 1948. Its sole prior owners lived here since 1950 and happily raised 4 children. Recently the home underwent a total renovation, with resulting world-class amenities throughout.

About the Hostess

Glenda has numerous exciting life experiences under her belt and will be the perfect hostess for your authentic Alaskan adventure. Having traveled to over 35 sites scattered from Barrow to Sitka, including dozens of remote villages, Glenda is a wealth of information.

She raised her son in Bethel (rural Western Alaska) and owned a commercial fishing permit on the Kuskokwim River (Alaska‘s second largest river, after the Yukon). She raised and trained a sprint dog team of 10 huskies for eight years.

In the ’80s and ’90s when her son, Chris, worked for Alaska‘s Department of Fish and Game, Glenda flew into various remote Yukon River and Bering Sea Fish camps volunteering with Chinook, Sockeye, and Coho salmon counts, data gathering, and cooking for up to 10 crew members.

For this outdoor enthusiast and teacher, originally from a North Dakota bilingual homestead (Norwegian and English), Alaska has been home for over 40 years.